Everesports College

    EVS College was founded in 2000, with “to train practical talents for the enterprise" as the mission.  It is not for profit, but on basis of serving the enterprise, to develop talents for the community. Currently has 3 multimedia classrooms, which can accommodate 200 people and are equipped with high-definition projectors, laptops and advanced audio equipment that can meet various training requirements.


             Overview of EVS College                                               Multimedia classroom

    Learning and training activities organized by provide a good platform for the majority of employees on operational skills, management skills, expertise and so on. The college has established a lecturer team basing on the own elite management team of the company, supplemented by external lecturers. It regularly or irregularly organizes employees to participate in various training, covering marketing, sales, team development, technique, operational skills, post certification, human resources, finance, etiquette, quality systems, administration and other aspects of curriculum.

    In the future, will base on the company's strategic direction, improve the training hardware, excavate existing resources and be customer-oriented. Especially in the aspects of new employee orientation, employee skills, advanced technology knowledge, modern management concept and others, increase training efforts, constantly improve working quality and efficiency of the staff, thus continuously creating quality that can impress the customers.

About Everesports
About Everesports
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