Compensation & Benefits

    Company pays close attention to welfare and emotional health of employee, provides various benefits which is prescribed by the state. Combined with the company's core philosophy to lay out the abundant welfare measures, The main contents are as following:

Meal allowance: company provides meal allowance for every employee, The staff without meal allowance could have meal in the canteen for free. Company provides all kinds of nutritional food for dinner.

Accommodation subsidies: in order to reduce staff accommodation costs, company provide accommodation subsidies to all staff, subsidies can basically let the employees rent suitable housing, In order to reduce problems which caused by accommodation, company also provide a variety of rental information.

Wedding gifts:When key employees or team leaders get married, on behalf of the company, Department manager will give wedding gifts as congratulation.

Maternity allowance: employees have only one child complied with national policy, enjoy maternity allowance, On behalf of company, Department manager will give red envelop for joy.
Love foundation:Company established love foundation, funds mainly come from company, employee voluntary contribution as supplementary, provide assistant to employee who have financial difficulties.
Children scholarships:key employee or managerial staff those who work full one year,
Company will provide their children partial tuition subsidies during preschool classes, primary school, middle school and University.
Holiday benefits: Significant festival or Birthday of employee, Company will send a gift or cash as welfare to express holiday wishes.
Annual employee physical examination: "health" has always been the core of company advocated, Company pays attention to the physical and mental health of employees, regularly Organize annual employee physical examination per year.

About Everesports
About Everesports
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